absoluteBLACK GRAPHENwax Hot Melt Chain Wax Lubricant - 4 Squares, 340g

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absoluteBLACK GRAPHENwax is a hot melt chain wax lubricant designed to protect the chain from dirt and maintain low friction.

  • GRAPHENwax is easier to use than other hot melt waxes - after the chain cools down, you only need to run it between your fingers along its entire length, and the chain is broken-in leaving no pieces of wax behind
  • Wax will withstand hot days and not melt off your chain
  • Composed of hydrocarbon waxes containing special mix of high purity Graphene (no harmful solvents)
  • Wax will not flake off like other waxes, which means no more mess once you put the chain on the bike
  • Remains quiet for a long time because it sticks better to the side of link plates enhancing the shifting performance
  • It melts faster in the crockpot - saving you time